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What’s on your pizza

Without Antibiotics

At Kenny’s Pizza we ask “What’s On Your Pizza” because we believe quality matters. We believe in using the best ingredients on your pizza. That’s why our pepperoni is made with Canadian beef and without the use of antibiotics. At Kenny’s we believe that great taste comes from great ingredients.

Our society is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of antibiotics in animal production, with alternative drug choices for the treatment of many bacterial infections becoming more limited, more expensive or non-existent. Maple Leaf and Kenny's Pizza are committed to minimizing or eliminating the use of antibiotics wherever possible, while maintaining high standards of animal care.

Should any animal herd or flock that is in our “raised without antibiotics” (“RWA”) program become sick, all treatment options are considered in consultation with a veterinarian, including administering an antibiotic. If an antibiotic is administered, the treated animal, herd or flock is removed from the program.

At Kenny's we believe in the important linkages between animal care, workplace safety, food safety and quality, and environmental sustainability. They all have a vital role in providing consumers with high-quality, nourishing food that is produced sustainably and ethically.

Our responsibility for animal care goes well beyond our own operations to advocate and share knowledge that elevates practices and regulations across the industry. We will actively engage with consumers, customers, animal care interest groups and other stakeholders, so that change can be based on sound science, what is best for the animal, and what society expects of us. Through our actions and communications, we must earn public confidence that the products we make come from animals that have been treated empathetically and humanely. Maple Leaf Foods and Kenny's Pizza are committed to enhancing our animal wellness practices in a manner that advances the Five Freedoms, the most widely accepted global standard for responsible animal care.


Freedom from hunger or thirst by providing ready access to fresh water and a diet that maintains good health and vigour


Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area


Freedom from pain, injury or disease through prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment


Freedom to express normal behaviours by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind


Freedom from fear and distress by providing conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.