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Planing a Party

Planning a Party

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Testimonials From Happy Diners

The testimonials below are from some of our happy diners. Among our many perks, our customers love our excellent food, amazing deals, friendly staff and fast delivery! We're confident you'll love us, too.

Tasty and Easy

"Great pizza! Quick, cheap and tasty slices!"
Reviewed January 16, 2011 by Fenway(URBANSPOON.COM)

Kenny's Pizza—Check Out All of Their Locations!!

Great pizzas, clubhouse platters, donairs, fish and chips, and poutine. I think everything on the menu is pretty good; there is never too long of a wait, either!"
Reviewed March 4, 2012 by Elaine H.(TRIPADVISOR.CA)

Perfect Travelling Stop

"Took a chance driving across Nova Scotia, pizza near a brainer. Pizza was flavorful, hot and not too costly for lunch. Staff was great, very helpful. Worth a stop if traveling and free wifi."
Reviewed 9/1/2011 by Pam K, Whittier, CA(YELP.CA)